HIPA protecting investors

Fighting corruption

We have uncovered what became (in)famous as the HIPO-Hipavilon scandal: secret agreements between the Hungarian Intellectual Property Office and a non-profit organization, delegation of forbidden work, public money becoming private money and so on - to learn more, click on the button below.

HIPA protecting investors

Protecting the inventors' interests

If we have to we oppose governmental excesses: we revealed and reported the abuses of the Hungarian Intellectual Property Office for the sake of the inventors - we made them to stop leaking patent secrets through the Office.

HIPA mission

Our mission

The Hungarian Intellectual Property Association’s strategy is aimed at helping the Hungarian innovators, developers and entrepreneurs and providing them with comparativ advantage. Our mission is to provide the Hungarian developers and their attorneys with transparent information regarding international intellectual property protection and combatting counterfeit. The Intellectual Property Association assists its supporters and visitors with the above mentioned free, online service in matters regarding patents, trademarks and domains.

HIPA protection

Active market protection

HIPA provides free access to the worldwide watch of your competitors, so you can be on the lookout for their fresh patent innovations. Moreover, HIPA members can also enjoy free access to the trademark infringement monitoring service, Sherlock - Fake Brand Investigation.

HIPA inventor without funding

Patent seeker without funding?

On our own initiative we foster the start-up of inventors who cannot afford the initial costs of a patent application, provide free trusted access to the software automatically preparing the patent application. We also provide the possibility for free patent search.

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